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Auto actualizaciones en Manjaro con pamac-manager

Pedí en el foro de Manjaro una opción para auto actualizar, y me contestaron que ya existía, di las gracias y pedí perdón.
Pero como no debo ser el único ignorante lo comparto aquí por si a alguien le puede venir bien en esas instalaciones que hacemos a amigos y familiares menos tecnológicos, porque se supone que debemos leer los mensajes mientras instalamos.

sudo pamac-manager 
Clic en el menú de las tres rayas a al derecha de la lupa
Y activar las opciones pertinentes.

Y así el portátil viejo resucitado del familiar poco tecnológico se actualizará solo.
Entradas recientes

The cheapest 64bit liGnux desktop computer:24.01 €

MAGICSEE N4 TV Box Support 4K H.265 - BLACK 2GB + 16GB
It is a ARM Amlogic 905X that comes with Android 7.1 but you can install liGnux
for 24.01 €
Intel cheaper alternative: Z83V Mini PC - EU PLUG WINDOWS 10 209 for 73.82 € You can also install Lignux here
USB Photoelectric Cable Notebook Computer Office Gaming Game Mouse  - BLACK2
Mouse with cord 3.99 €
Wired Ergonomic Design Comfortable Sensitive Water-resistant Durable Keyboard  - BLACK 
Keyboard 10.51 €
Td Systems K40DLM7F - Televisor Led 40" Full HD, Resolución 1920 x 1080, 3x HDMI, VGA, USB Reproductor y Grabador [Clase de eficiencia energética A+]
40" TV set as  1080p monitor 199 € There is a  32"  model 40 € cheaper but the 768p resolution is below actual minimums.
1m HDMI to HDMI Cable - BLUE AND BLACK  1 m HDMI cable 2.20 €
And of course you can use whatever old equipment you already have or can purchase or get donated by family friends and neighbours.


AMD + Freesync vs NVIDIA + G-sync GPU-Monitor COMBO

I am reading about next gen GPUs AMD vs NVIDIA as in techradar

And as AMD is better for
- Mining
- Vulkan
- LiGNUx

And specially


And as you play with a monitor

And there are TN ones as cheap a my Samsung U28E570DS

249 € - 19/11/2018 - for 28" 1ms and 4k

with this review,4033.html

That I use for gaming in 1080p as it does not get better with higher resolutions

as Linus and others explain very well

I know AMD is a little bit worse at general gaming tests with some price GPUs
but as it is better with cheap and good enough 1ms TN Freesync monitors

The combination AMD + Freesync is the winner for me.

Or the AMD Freesync COMBO wins.

And I actually own a Nvidia GTX750Ti that I bought for 100 € and…

The cheapest new laptop: EASY install any liGNUx as Manjaro on your old one

Your old laptop is already trash for you because it is very slow.

If you can recycle it to a computer that works, even if it is for giving it to charity, do it.

As liGNUx OSs desktops are much faster than MS Windows OS - MS WOS - probably you can delay to buy a new one, and years, and be "your own charity" saving money.

As EASY as to

1.- Download any Manjaro ISO plus Rufus or YUMI, and a 4Gb or bigger pendrive or SD or burn the ISO to a  DVD if you still use them.

2.- Start Rufus - or YUMI - to make a install media - pendrive installer - from the manjaro ISO or burn the ISO in a DVD

3.- Boot with the pendrive or the CD-ROM install media

3A.- Boot with the drive plugged and boot from it. IF NOT

3B.- Reboot and press they key to access your BIOS or UEFI - F2 or Supr usually - and setup the pendrive - or CD - to be the first media to boot - as EASY as to choose a MENU OPTION inside your BIOS or UEFI - and after that press the Save and (re)boot optiom



Si tienes FIBRA - el teléfono se conecta al router - puedes hacer que tu móvil sea además un supletorio del fijo, o configurarlo en tabletas o en el segundo móvil - sin tarifa plana - para usar la tarifa plana al menos a fijos, o móviles así configurados.

Aunque como es usando datos - WiFi o WiFi mas datos móviles - Ring Telegram o Whatsapp para los allegados seguirán siendo mejores.
Que conste que me ha costado ser pesado con el 1002 y pedir a la operadora que pregunte a alguien que sepa, tras larga conversación de besugos donde mi interlocutora que dijo ser ingeniera de telecomunicaciones - no me lo creí - cuando le pedí que me pusiera con un ingeniero pues no me entendía o hacía que no me entendía demasiado bien para ser una ingeniera instruida en el maltrato a la clientela espabilada,

Tuve que escuchar que NO SABE si Movistar lo permite, y que NO HAY SOPORTE, repetidas veces pidiendo que preguntase a alguien QUE SEPA, al final me han dado los datos, - copiados de su superior, al…

ARM laptops another great opportunity for LIGNUX desktop

MS failed with ARM phones because it's - not so - New Tech kernel is very slow compared with POSIX ones as Android's Linux and IOS?s FreeBSD.

ARM SoCs are working very well with LIGNUX in the devices that allow it as the Raspberry Pie and others.

Unfortunately no anti monopoly legislation ask for public drivers - no need to be FOSS - for LIGNUX as a requisite to be able to sell SoCs, and many SoCs have no LIGNUX drivers, including of course firmware.

But as Chrome OS is much faster and better than MS WOS and even more in ARM devices despite the last MS efforts, and they are close to have Crostini working with real time GPU virtualization with almost the same performance as bare metal one, probably the new good and cheap ARM laptops  will offer Chrome OS at least as a choice.

And then with that offer it will be easier for OEM and SoC malers to offer LIGNUX drivers, and probably some OEM would like to offer RHEL and or Ubuntu pre installed as DELL already do, probably because it…

Back to XFCE - Manjaro - , my tricks


This is what I do to my Manjaro XFCE just installed, in case something can serve others to configure yours to your liking, and / or copy part, I leave here the procedures,

Original in Spanish, translated with the Google translator help, and curated, after it, so please forgive me some "lost in translation" issues that you would be able to find here.

1.- More readable:
1a.- 168 dpi or 175% scaling
Menu - Settings - Appearance - Font types - Customized DPI settings

1b.- Panel 48
Right button in Panel - Panel - Panel Preferences
Size of the row in pixels 48

2.- Panel above

Panel Preferences- (des) anchor panel, hide panel smart
click on left corner, upload, anchor panel

3.- Install gedit (and remove mousepad)
Menu- terminal - sudo pacman -S gedit
sudo pacman -R mousepad

4.- On my Gigabyte AMD 970 gaming board edit / etc / default / grub
sudo gedit / etc / default / grub add to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "amd_iommu = on iommu = pt"

5.- Install yaourt and flatpak
sudo pacman -…