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The future of Linux gaming: ARM GPUs and Android Compatibility Layers

Petition: Google: Public drivers for Android / Controladores públicos para Android |

The gaming at Linux desktop has 2 problems today

1st bad Nvidia and ATI drivers, they are better in MS WOS, 2nd only a 2-3% Linux desktop users market share.

You can play Quake3 or Quake Live with Firefox and a lot of ID opengl games, better in Linux, but with worse FPS tests. Less lag I think is more important than a little bit less FPS. Network is better in Linux. And running them without any need of antivirus - at Linux - make the tests almost even.

But good news, with Android ARM and its GPUs and perhaps its PUBLIC DRIVERS for Linux kernel perhaps Linux Desktop will perform better than MS WOS for games.

This SoC are better each day, there are a new ARM SoC from Creative that is almost as powerful - 50 Gflops - as an Intel i7, and there will be soon ARM64 with even more power.

Bad news ARM SoCs GPUs do not have PUBLIC DRIVERS as ATI or Nvidia blobs, I have a petition about this, if there are no PUBLIC DRIVERS Android cannot be a really Operating System.

But projects as Cotton Candy with better SoC inside every new version - I hope so - that have Ubuntu + Android, can be a pendrive computer inside your empty Phone + Tablet + desktop PC + TV for gaming and of course every other thing.

Not now, but soon the ARM GPUs will pass ATI and Nvidia ones, and even for X86_64 there will be GPUs, silent cheaper and more powerful with better drivers for Linux - coming from Android with Linux kernel- than for MS WOS.

Probably we will have sooner or later ACLs Android Compatibility Layers for Linux desktop systems, and Linux desktop users will be able to play Android games as now we play Flash games, and the Google Chrome Native Client tech will port Directx games to Linux desktops OSs too.

Then gaming at Linux desktops will be a better experience than at MS WOS, as it is now a better experience with Libre office, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, better if you use Mate - old Gnome2 - KDE, Xfce, Enlightment or even Unity2d, Unity and Gnome shell (3) ask a lot from old GPUs.

If you try any Linux desktop OS for a month and go back to MS WOS you will go back to your Linux in minutes.

I recommend Mint12 with MATE for beginners, but Ubuntu with unity2d is a good choice too.
And if you like to try LMDE, Arch, Chakra, Fedora and Sabayon and choose one.
If you have ATI do not try Gnome Shell - 3 - the ATI drivers do not support it well.

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